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Pot and Smiles is online cannabis dispensary based in New york, USA which specializes in distributing high quality marijuana products such weed, vape cartridges, edibles, concentrates, extracts and cbd that are bred or produced buy prominent suppliers and companies based in the United States. Our dispensary is yet a new one and is seeking to build a reputation in the fast growing cannabis industry. After carefully studying the market and analyzing the needs of many needs of patients and cannabis users in America, we saw a need to create a legible and trusted platform where patients and users across states can easily acquire their medicine and other weed products online and have it delivered at their addresses without having to go to a dispensary or the black market. We also realized that there many patients in states with no dispensaries, thus getting their medications or recreational cannabis is a big problem and so we decided to make it easier for them get products online. Now we can tell you are probably wondering if this is just another ponzi scheme created to rob users of their money. Well, here’s an answer to your reasonable doubt. 

  Firstly, our website only uses crypto currency for check outs and does not require you to provide credit card information and is completely protected from hackers and spam callers who steal user data and use them malicious acts. The only information we need from our clients is a name, phone number or email and an address, which is used to ship out orders to our clients. In most cases, we use a secure messaging platform called Telegram to communicate with our customers when necessary. More to that, the information provided to our website will never to given to any third parties who seek to track our customers

  Secondly, our support team is available 24/7, 365 to attend to customer needs. If you have any questions regarding our product quality and availability, we will not hesitate to provide proof and answer all your questions. All products sold on our website were acquired from the original source and are totally authentic. We will never ship out fake products to our customers. If we can’t provide the product you need, we might be able to steer you in the right direction to finding the product or give some helpful advice. 

  Last but not the least, we ship out our orders using usps and tracking numbers are provided to our clients to help them track their orders till it is delivered. We also guarantee complete discretion of our packages. Our team uses special anti x-ray wrapping, that way the only person getting excited about your delivery is you. You are not required to sign any delivery form upon delivery of your order. 

  Lastly, our team is also aware that of the circumstances with discrete package and customs checks. In that light, if any package is lost in transit or seized by customs officials, all you need to do to get back to us with a complaint and we will investigate and either ship you another package for free or issue a refund if that is what you desire. 

  We just recently started looking into the possibility of providing medical marijuana cards to people in need of them and when that is accomplished we will put up an announcement on our website. While we are still new in the market, we urge all users to give us a chance to proof our legibility buy placing your orders with us and sit back, relax and let us do our job. 


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