About Us

Who we are and What we do!

We’re a team of dedicated Pot lovers working closely with state registered farms and businesses to bring the best quality of cannabis and cannabis products to patients and people in need. 

We strive to provide the best variety of top shelf cannabis products on the market.  At the moment, we’re able to ship to customers in the United States and Canada. 


Here's how it works

We have $100 minimum for delivery for  customers in New York. We don’t do eights (1/8s).  All the strains we have on the menu are AAA/top shelf.  There are ounce deals all the times as well.  We also serve edibles, shatter, hash, prerolls, vape carts as well as tinctures, salves and CBD. The $100 minimum can be hit with any products, you just have to spend $100. There is no delivery fee except where noted. We also ship our products across the US via mail. The package is shipped within 24 hours after we receive your order and confirm the payment.

After shipping your order we will provide your usps tracking number so you can know when expect delivery. We accept cash on delivery  for patients in New York and Bitcoin or Venmo for patients outside new york (shipping). For patients whose orders have to be shipped, your payment has to be confirmed before your orders goes for shipping. We give free smoke to people who recommend new clients and leave us reviews so that’s a way to smoke for free.

Fast & Secure shipping

Our products are sealed in smell prove packaging that has been tested for the highest quality. We ship your order within 48 hours.


All our products are authentic and lab tested. We only advertise 100% certified American hemp.

Best Offers

Our prices are not competitive, but we quarantee there's no better quality of product than what we offer.

Secure Payments

At Pot&Smiles, customer security is high priority. We don not store any financial data on our servers and all payments occur through safe and encrypted channels.

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